Wednesday, November 7, 2012


The peculiar storm of snow and ice we're having tonight, immediately after the hurricane, has left many trekking through all sorts of waters and asking all sorts of questions. I'm hoping things will pan out for everyone soon enough.

The Steampunk illustrations I'm working on focus on humans risking environment for profit. After chemical red sludge moves through villages and rivers, the steampunk traveler and her small companion, investigate the aftermath.


  1. I hope the red sludge is not detrimental to health-love the on level view.

  2. This one's based on a true disaster that occurred in 2010 when an aluminium factory in Hungary broke its reservoir and released about 1 million cubic meters of toxic red sludge that reached the Danube. Several people died--an overall eco mess, but what struck me when I heard the report was the description of fish jumping from the waters for air.