Saturday, October 27, 2012

I feel the need to render more flesh on the models, trying to allow brush strokes to retain life. The temperature changes of this pose were enjoyable to work--even though I opted to reverse them.


  1. Excellent work/technical skill but also filled with expression and presence.

  2. Excellent! What size is this, Amal? As I recall, it may be 20"x24" ??? Really lovely and the temps look right on!

  3. Many thanks Elena and Maren. This is my first post after hurricane Sandy, and I'm not doing it from home. I imagine that the cable lines dangling about are low on the list of priorities till trees are fully cleared.

    Maren, 20" x 24" is correct. I'm hoping to do several more within the next few weeks.

    Be well and stay clear of falling trees, Amal