Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Morning Miniature

I try to start mornings with quick 1/2 hr drawings or small paintings, just to remind and warm up my fingers to the day's expectations. What to do when they won't oblige? 

On the back of my morning reading material I saw this fabulous Saudi Arabian baboon. Then, using four colors on my palette, (best to keep it super simple in the wee hours of the morning), just titanium white, ivory black, yellow ochre and terra rosa, I began the painting with a small palette knife. Changing the temperature of the photo from warm to cool, my Saudi buddy started to resemble a snow monkey, 1/2 hr up-- and there he stayed.


  1. And a very happy new year to you, Maren!

  2. Your baboon is full of energy, ready for anything.

  3. Thanks, Elena. Hoping to steal some when necessary!