Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Fugitive Finder

This post went up a couple of weeks ago on the blog of my amazing author friend Selene Castrovilla:
The human face is fascinating. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of
portraiture, mostly for people I’m at least slightly familiar
with or know to be the day’s model.

But before getting into anything lengthy I begin the morning with coffee and a good read--
The Fugitive Finder. Full of unfamiliar faces, some hard and some kind, I'm given the
opportunity to discover what my Long Island neighbors are up to then proceed to
do one or two quick sketches of them. It's a warm-up exercise I've gotten addicted to.
Their crimes range from local burglaries and DUIs to violent assaults and grand larceny.

While Fugitive Finder photographs are crude they still provide some sense of individual
personality. But if you've ever tried to match the person wanted with a particular crime,
you'll find it's near impossible.  This got me thinking about how neatly any face might fit
into the front page of that highly coveted periodical I snatch every fourth Sunday while
exiting Guinta Meat Farms.

If you’re like me, you’ll shake hands with nearly anyone,
even those who claim to be members of highly organized gangs of illustrators and writers.

The painting below is the original from which the 6th district police found a good likeness of October’s most wanted. Back issues available
at any police station.
Self Portrait of Artist in Studio, pastel


  1. Such excellent portraits, radiating expression. That individual on the cover of the Finder however, is obviously a hardened illustrator. She must be leading a double life, portrait artist+illustrator. A slippery character;)