Monday, June 6, 2011

SCBWI NJ conference 2011

What a treat this conference was! A great place to meet and discuss the art of art and writing, get a crit for manuscript and portfolio -never fear, they are always for the better. No matter the comments, they are intended to strengthen the work not depreciate the artist/author.  A wonderful foresty place to look at great illustration and meet new friends. My thanks go out to all the great organizers who made it happen and to those who got me there.
 Three illustrators and an author: Penny, Lynne, Deb and Amal

My new found friend Katia Raina gives you more description of the conference
she's got more pictures:

A link to some of the art that was on exhibit in the hall.


  1. Wonderful artwork! It looks like it was a great conference.

  2. One gigantic learning experience, great place to meet like-minded people, all aiming for the same thing--a good book!